AMARC’s products are sold worldwide to a wide variety of industries:

Chemical Industry

chemical-industryAMARC has a strong experience in the chemical industry and can provide a wide range of products which are often the right solution for this industry.

The processing of chemical mixtures requires the use of a variety ofindustrial heating solutions: immersion heaters, drum heaters,barrel heaters, heat treatment ovens, heating cabinets and so on.

The use of one or the other application depends on the type of process required to treat chemical products.

In general, applications in the chemical sector require heating elements to be designed to allow for even flow and gradual heat transfers along an entire area of a container.

Depending on the quantity of fluid to be treated and the type of process we serve heating cabinets for drums or heating jackets to reduce the viscosity of materials such as soaps, fats, varnishes and chemicals allowing them to be pumped or poured with ease.

Packagin Industry

packagin-industryAMARC provides aluminum cast-in heating elements typically used to heat transfer presses, foodservice equipment and packaging equipment. Manufactured from aluminum or bronze alloys, the platen heater consists of a tubular heating element that is designed and shaped to provide maximum efficiency and temperature uniformity on the working surface of the casting.Heat-seal machines producers in particular rely on AMARC and the quality of our cast-in aluminum, or bronze, heaters since we offer the highest level of thermal application and design service, including temperature profiling and finite element analysis. Our dedicated engineers make sure that the temperature of every cast in heater is evenly ad efficiently distributed by optimizing the shape and size of the inner heating element.

The attention we pay in building our products sets us apart from our competitors for the reliability and quality of the product. No matter what our customers specific needs are we are able to study, design and deliver custom tailored solutions for all cast in heating elements.

Plastic Industry

plastic-industryThe plastic industry requires a high number of thermal components for the manufacturing process of its final product. Equipment manufacturers, for this sector, constantly turn to AMARC as an experienced and reliable partner.With almost 60 years of experience, we have become a leading manufacturer of industrial heating solutions for plastics processing equipment . Our knowledge leads us to constantly innovate in order to meet the high level of excellence that all our customers deserve when buying one of our products for their production process.

Our components are found on a high number of equipment for injection molding , extrusion operations, and thermoforming, around the world.

The plastics industry is vast and covers many areas of the industrial production. Injection mold machines use cast-in aluminum heaters to help soften the polymers into final products. The use of thermocouples and precise digital controllers are also used to maintain target temperatures for each application.

In the manufacturing of cast-in heaters we mainly use Aluminum since it is an excellent alloy as it distributes heat at a much quicker rate than other materials.

Aluminum Cast In Heaters can be casted into any shape and size needed, thus fully covering the part to be heated and virtually becoming the part itself. AMARC’s cast-in heaters are mainly made to customer specifications and our team of engineers guarantees that all the requested specifications are respected.

AMARC’s Aluminum Cast-In Heaters are corrosion resistant and can with stand high temperature and pressures in harsh environments with years of trouble free service.

Pharmaceutical Industry

chemical-industry (1)Amarc manufactures and provides electric heaters and heater controls to the pharmaceutical industry.The very nature of this sector, which requires reliability and accuracy of equipment, has led AMARC to achieve outstanding product quality and value. Particular attention is given to the specific requirements of end users in order to meet quality assurance parameters.

Our production consists of a variety of electrical heating products which meets the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, among which:

Drying ovens, Circulation Heaters, Drum Heater.