Temperature range: 0° ÷ 250°

AMARC produces high quality Conveyor Belt Ovensystems for processes such as curing, post-curing, drying, preheating and many others in a wide variety of industries.

Our ovens can be heated by gas, steam, hot water, electricity or oil and fully customizable solutions are also available.

AMARC’s equipment includes a supply duct to deliver the hot air in several different ways according to the customer specific needs. The duct spans the full width of the Conveyor Belt Oven chamber, so products are heated all along the way. Our Conveyor Belt Ovens reach maximum performance and are evenly heated.

AMARC’s Belt Conveyor Ovens are available with continuous maximum temperature ratings up to 250°.

Our Belt Conveyor Ovens are designed in order to reduce operating costs and reduce outer shell temperature to the minimum.

Typical applications for Belt Conveyor Ovens are the following:

  • Drying
  • Pre-heating of materials before treatment
  • Curing
  • Post-curing
  • Special temperature controllers
  • Chart and temperature recorders
  • Choice of construction materials such as stainless steel
  • Customized belts according to industrial process
  • Exhaust air fan for exhaust of vapours and quick cooling
  • Special dimensions
  • Customized sensors