Temperature range: 0° ÷ 250°

AMARC offers a selection of high quality industrial ovens, ideal for curing applications. The wide variety of our curing ovens offer excellent temperature accuracy, fast ramping and cool down rates for maximum productivity, short cycle times and a consistent, reproducible curing process for all product loads.

Curing Ovens are known by various names in different industries. Sometimes referred to asBaking Ovens or even Drying ovens, Curing Ovensare typically used to cure composite materials and coatings. Curing refers to the process of hardening a polymer material through the cross-linking reaction of polymers. Curing ovens are typically used for the thermal cross-linking of coatings and adhesives. AMARC’s Curing Ovens are designed and built to your specific requirements for part size, production rate and thermal characteristics.

Our range of Curing Ovens are deployed around the world in many industrial applications. Heated by Gas, Steam, Hot water, Electricity or diathermic oil our expertise in Curing Oven construction is built on sixty years of experience.

The pictures below are a sampling of some of the Curing Ovens we have built during these sixty years.

Curing Ovens are used for a wide number of industrial heating applications.
The following are the ones where Curing Ovens are typically used:

  • Curing paints and varnishes
  • Curing rubber, resins and composites
  • Processing plastics, curing PTFE (Teflon)

AMARC’s variety of Curing Ovens offers a range of sizes and temperature capabilities to meet every application.
All ovens have programmable controls, but there are a number of specific options you should consider when buying a Curing Oven:

  • Custom RAL colors
  • Choice of construction materials (for ex. stainless steel interiors to prevent corrosion)
  • Multi-ramp, multi dwell controllers
  • Powered Forced Exhauster to provide safety ventilation
  • Protective top cover for external location